Where are you located?

Only a 2-minute drive from the main street of Port Douglas, the tranquil home clinic, provides the opportunity to relax and reconnect with mind, body and spirit through massage.

When should I not have a massage?

Massage is a powerful healing modality and is great for circulation, your immune system and general well being. However sometimes due to certain conditions, massage can be inappropriate. These conditions are contraindicated to massage and acting in your best interest , I will not be able to treat you.

-Blood Clots

-Uncontrolled High blood pressure




-Deep Vein Thrombosis



-Any Contagious Infections.

-Recent Whiplash

-Recent Surgery

If you have any questions about contraindications, please email me and I will be happy to help in anyway I can.

Do you do Pregnancy Massage?

I don’t offer pregnancy massage currently but can recommend some local therapists that do. Just give me a call!

How will I feel after my massage?


You should feel incredibly relaxed, sometimes you can feel a little light headed.  This is normal as you would have been focussing on relaxing and taking in deep breaths.  You might also feel sore the for a few days after when having deep tissue massage.  Sometimes you can feel flu-like symptoms when you have not received deep tissue massage in a long time. This passes within a couple of days and is helped by increasing your intake of water.

Cancellation policy


If you need to cancel an appointment please allow 24 hours in advance notice.

Code of conduct


Live and Let Massage are trained professionals and under no circumstances tolerate sexual harassment. If this occurs the treatment will stop and you will be charged for the full treatment time.


Remedial Massage Port Douglas.